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Synonyms of dippers


Definition of dippers


a ladle or scoop.

I run to the rainwater barrel and fill the dipper .

a person who immerses something in liquid.

No farmer should employ dippers unless they hold an appropriate licence.

a short-tailed songbird related to the wrens, frequenting fast-flowing streams and able to swim, dive, and walk under water to feed.

The Greta is one of the most important rivers in the North of England, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, home to otters, herons, kingfishers, dippers , trout and salmon, and the main feeder to Bassenthwaite Lake.

dippers definition and meaning. What does dippers definination?

Example of dippers

  • Formerly in Crete, the dipper had appeared exclusively as coarse kitchenware and may have been used only for cooking.

  • Gourds also provide a wide range of dippers , cups, and spoons.

  • He scooped water from a bucket with a dipper , then poured it over both sides of the blade.

  • He walks over to the well, and draws up a bucket, then takes a sip from the dipper .

  • I also spotted a male kingfisher, herons and several dippers .

  • I run to the rainwater barrel and fill the dipper .

  • In fall and winter, look for bald eagles, American dippers , mergansers, red-shafted Northern flickers, red-tailed hawks, and Townsend's solitaires.

  • Just lay back against a tree among the wood anemones and the bluebells (some out already), with the roar of the cascading water, the antics of a dipper and the calm cruising of a grey heron.

  • Look out for dippers and raptors; on my last visit a golden eagle gave a fly-past!

  • Native birds, a category including buzzards, dippers and swifts, showed rises in population of 14 per cent in the region during the period, in contrast to England overall, where there was no change in numbers.