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Definition of derelict


a person without a home, job, or property.

His passion for helping the underprivileged, the derelicts of society, and for world evangelization was built upon his passion for Christ.

in a very poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect.

The derelict barn she bought 16 years ago for £26,000 is now a palatial house valued at about £750,000, with two large wings.

derelict definition and meaning. What does derelict definination?

Example of derelict

  • ‘We have clients buying derelict farmhouses and old houses which would otherwise be left to fall down,’ Anderson said.

  • A call has been made to officials of the Town Council to take action against the owners of five houses which are in a derelict condition.

  • Between those dates the appeal site had been in an apparently derelict condition with 2 large black doors facing the street.

  • Diaz maneuvered the tug underneath the cruiser and traversed the length until they were ahead of the derelict .

  • Even if your slate's totally clean, people are apt to lose trust in you because you're dating such a derelict .

  • Following a few weeks of begging on the streets and sleeping in derelict buildings, he falls in with a friendly group of squatters.

  • Further, any judge who allows a conviction to stand when it's evident the defendant did not commit a crime is derelict in his duty.

  • He circled the shattered derelict once more and finally settled his craft down in an open spot.

  • However it remained unoccupied for a number of years and had fallen into a derelict state.

  • In 1881, the schooner Ellen Austin, bound for London, discovered a derelict adrift in the Sargasso.