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Definition of deny


refuse to give or grant (something requested or desired) to (someone).

Our request for this very basic information was denied on privacy grounds.

state that one refuses to admit the truth or existence of.

Last week O'Malley issued a statement denying any involvement in the statement's alteration.

deny definition and meaning. What does deny definination?

Example of deny

  • ‘It hurts me to deny people access to their home,’ he said.

  • A spokesman for the Chief Executive's office denied that Wednesday was a date offered to the party, saying it was only chosen by the party.

  • A spokesman for the immigration and naturalisation service, Kerry Gill, denied that publicity influenced handling of the case.

  • As the play progresses, one comes face to face with one's self, the self that has denied itself the fulfilment of its own desires.

  • both firms deny any responsibility for the tragedy

  • He denied that heavy special-purpose vehicles had entered the suburbs and urged the protesters to behave reasonably.

  • I went to the movie with pure enjoyment as my goal, but I couldn't deny a desire to see if a theme from the first two movies would carry through to the third.

  • If anybody still denies global warming let them come and stew in the steam bath that is London this week.

  • In summary, specialty toy stores cannot compete on prices, so they will agree to deny the product to their discount rivals.

  • In the scene, she repeatedly denied his advances, and was angry that he was still following her.

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