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Synonyms of demonstrate


Definition of demonstrate


clearly show the existence or truth of (something) by giving proof or evidence.

Defence athletes have demonstrated that age is no barrier for people determined to get out and have a go.

take part in a public demonstration.

But even as they meet, thousands of protesters are demonstrating in the area.

demonstrate definition and meaning. What does demonstrate definination?

Example of demonstrate

  • A group has been on a rally to London to demonstrate its feelings and has also spelt out its views to Institute chiefs in a bid to keep tuition fees as low as possible.

  • After quieting us students down, both teachers demonstrated how to make a proper lay-up.

  • Barnard had demonstrated that heart transplants were possible.

  • But even as they meet, thousands of protesters are demonstrating in the area.

  • Each model has its own theoretical consistency and practicality that demonstrates its clinical efficacy.

  • He ducked in and out of the atmosphere to demonstrate the craft's dual capabilities.

  • However, as we demonstrated in the independent public inquiry, nothing could be further from the truth.

  • In addition, no other compound of the translation machinery has been demonstrated to function as a feedback regulator.

  • In short, the manager has to find succour from shoestrings, a quality that Scott has demonstrated in the past.

  • It just demonstrates the work and commitment of our local school even during the summer holidays.

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