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"deliberation meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for deliberation? What does deliberation mean? deliberation definition and meaning.

Synonyms of deliberation


Definition of deliberation


long and careful consideration or discussion.

There are tight legal restrictions on discussing real jury deliberations .

slow and careful movement or thought.

He had been striding back and forth, rubbing his chin in deliberation at an agonizingly slow pace.

deliberation definition and meaning. What does deliberation definination?

Example of deliberation

  • after much deliberation we arrived at a compromise

  • after much deliberation, we arrived at a compromise

  • Again and again, with slow deliberation , the whale approaches the boat.

  • Again, he fired but this time taking great care and deliberation with each pull of the trigger.

  • All business reports have been submitted and the judging panel is in the course of making its deliberations .

  • Although we don't actually get to cast a vote, it's hard not to become involved in the deliberations .

  • Arms vertically extended, I turned with the slow deliberation of a cornered felon.

  • Bold bedrooms may look free, but remember that they have been put together with deliberation , care and discipline.

  • Both sides had been playing as though still searching for their fluency, even simply for a meaning to their deliberations .

  • Council discussed the prospective sales during budget deliberations this month.