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Definition of deflate


bring about a general reduction of price levels in (an economy).

After Wall Street crashed in 1929, prices in general deflated .

cause (someone) to suddenly lose confidence or feel less important.

It was a stunning loss because one moment it seemed as if we had it won - then, bang, we were deflated .

let air or gas out of (a tire, balloon, or similar object).

They are investigating the theory that the murderer may have deliberately deflated the tyre so that the mechanic would have to stay alone to fix it, giving the killer the chance to strike after everyone else had gone home.

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Example of deflate

  • After using the stinger to deflate all four tyres, we arrested one male in the car but the other two ran away.

  • Armed officers, who were lying in wait for the would-be raiders, disabled their van using Hatton rounds - bullets designed to deflate tyres with minimum damage.

  • As the bouncy castle's palm tree began to deflate , the crowds returned to their offices with a faint whiff of mint lingering in the air.

  • Because the only other explanation is that the third balloon appeared there recently, deflated like the others, faded like the others, and caught in the same cluster of branches.

  • Better-engineered spigots prevent air from entering the bag when you fill your glass - the bag deflates like a balloon - so the wine stays fresh.

  • Deanna's calmness had completely deflated me by now.

  • Even the statistical sleight-of-hand that constitutes the current measure of consumer price inflation is at a nine-year high and the GDP implicit price deflator is at a five-year peak.

  • Getting where they're coming from will probably deflate your anger, so you'll have a better chance of expressing yourself in a way that lets them truly hear you.

  • He's a confident character; nothing seems to deflate him.

  • His cheeks deflated , like a balloon losing air.