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Definition of decide


come to a resolution in the mind as a result of consideration.

He looked at her suspiciously but apparently decided that she was being sincere.

decide definition and meaning. What does decide definination?

Example of decide

  • A panel of judges will decide the Variety Club awards, which will go to the region's top personalities in sport and media.

  • Arguments for and against a controversial new theme park ride have been aired before a Government inspector who must decide its fate.

  • But whatever the judges or the legislators decide , a court order is no good unless it can be enforced.

  • Claremorris now face Westport B in a game that will decide the championship in Westport Saturday week.

  • Each government must decide its various priorities, and these may vary from year to year, decade to decade.

  • For Murphy, the past has finally caught up and he must now decide his own fate.

  • he has to decide what to do next

  • However, the council will not decide its budget until February 21 and the plans could be opposed by other party political groups.

  • I can't decide between the two

  • In the end, how you play the game and the decisions you make will decide his fate and the fate of the town.

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