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a board of wood or leather in front of a carriage, to keep out mud.

the panel facing the driver of a vehicle or the pilot of an aircraft, containing instruments and controls.

Tomorrow's vehicles will be loaded with personalizable electronic dashboards , navigation systems, entertainment/communication systems and a slew of services.

dashboard definition and meaning. What does dashboard definination?

Example of dashboard

  • A long dashboard reaches deep into the sloping windscreen with almost none of the bonnet visible as you peer over the dash.

  • After I clicked the 'Next' button to proceed, the dashboard main window appeared.

  • All the one-hour parking would be policed via time-discs with a clock displayed by drivers on their dashboard .

  • an executive dashboard enables a CEO to see bank balances, the top five customers, accounts receivable, and accounts payable

  • Controls on the dashboard allow the driver to turn the display on or off, select which information to display or adjust the image format.

  • From the driver's viewpoint, the dashboard controls are a great improvement over those of the old version.

  • Guidelines say blue badges must be displayed on the dashboard of a vehicle or in a conspicuous position so all details on it can be clearly seen.

  • I had a few misgivings: the visibility of the dashboard was obscured by the steering wheel and the seats at the back were pretty cramped.

  • I popped my orange disabled drivers badges on the dashboard and peered at the meter.

  • I was interested and not a little amused to note a panel on the dashboard with three small indicator lights.

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