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Definition of darknesses


the partial or total absence of light.

Marin flipped off the light switch, leaving the room bathed in total darkness , but for the soft light of a glowing nightlight in the corner.

wickedness or evil.

This statement undoubtedly means that the angels are ruled, controlled, and dominated by darkness and wickedness until the judgement day.

darknesses definition and meaning. What does darknesses definination?

Example of darknesses

  • After being in total darkness for three hours, the light is stunning.

  • As he turned off the engine, and then the parking lights, Andrew was enveloped in almost total darkness .

  • Besieged by the headlines, he sits isolated in his own dejected box of darkness , looking like the face of mourning America.

  • But the lift stopped between floors, and the lights went off - we were plunged into total darkness .

  • Depression is the result of all these hidden sadnesses, darkness , and feelings of guilt that have been buried deeply in the heart.

  • For four days after Katrina hit, the city of New Orleans fell into complete darkness after sunset.

  • Fraser, for her part, has certainly come through the darknesses of three years ago.

  • He looks away, silent for a moment, then recounts the weeks of darkness and pain administered by hard-nosed soldiers.

  • I don't want to sound like a preacher, but there is no way that this can continue and I for one am not going to bend over to these forces of darkness .

  • In return, he slept with them in the long winter nights of deep darkness , when the temperatures plummeted.

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