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a barrier constructed to hold back water and raise its level, the resulting reservoir being used in the generation of electricity or as a water supply.

It was reasoned that the completed dam would undeniably supply electricity and therefore be of economic benefit in the broadest sense.

build a dam across (a river or lake).

We're hearing lots of discussion about plans to dam the inland rivers, to dam the Cooper Creek, for example.


the female parent of an animal, especially a domestic mammal.

Their incorporation into these pedigree herds as suckler dams or resale as in calf cows offers a very lucrative second-hand value.

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Example of dam

  • A lake at Oakford Park, a pleasure resort near Pittsburgh, was flooded by a violent rainstorm and burst the dam , causing a wall of water to sweep down Bush Creek valley.

  • A plan was announced to dam the Whanganui River, an action that would submerge several cemeteries and sacred sites.

  • An Indian Supreme Court judgement finally gave the project the go-ahead, allowing the height of the dam to be raised to a level that would finally allow water to flow down the irrigation canals.

  • By enclosing poetic invention - that, like witchcraft, might transform heroes into swine - James attempted to dam Scottish culture.

  • By raising the dam , water levels would reach a point where they would flood many of the beach-front properties that sit close to the lake shore.

  • Em was beginning to think that nothing she could do would dam the flood or lighten the pressure that pinned her arms to her sides.

  • Emergency crews and dive teams are standing by, and authorities say that water levels behind the dam are dropping.

  • Gavin noticed that I wasn't actually hanging in the waterfall, so he helpfully dammed it and periodically released a sudden four-second tidal wave to completely engulf me.

  • He reasoned that constructing a dam would enable water to be stored for irrigation in the dry season, and flooding could be prevented at other times.

  • He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to dam the flow of tears.

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