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Definition of cuss


an annoying or stubborn person or animal.

Straus, celebrated by all as the most independent cuss in publishing, readily agreed.

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Example of cuss

  • ‘He sure is a stubborn little cuss ain't he?’ asked Mike, quite amused.

  • ‘That is absolutely no concern to me, I couldn't give a cuss about it,’ O'Neill said.

  • ‘Wizards,’ I swore, making the average word a cuss .

  • A stubborn cuss , who would never accept what I didn't believe, and could not be beaten into believing it, or appearing to believe it.

  • An insubordinate cuss , he knows that insubordination becomes an admirable trait in an age when the torturer's first line of defense is that he was merely following orders.

  • And although Beryl, simple lass of cheery disposition, has tried to sweet talk Tom on more than one social occasion, the old cuss has always rebuffed the olive branch.

  • And what has become of the manager's reputation for being an argumentative cuss ?

  • As my eyes took in the entire scene, I saw a man, cussing to high heaven and rushing around, looking for another missile to hurl at the lady.

  • But Heath was a stubborn old cuss , and saw no one fit to replace him, so he hung on into 1975.

  • But if I die I don't give a tinkers cuss who gets my body parts.