Definition of cure


a Christian minister's pastoral charge or area of responsibility for spiritual ministry.

He studied the area for 50 years and once famously described it as ‘a breathing space for the cure of souls’.

a parish priest in a French-speaking country or region.

a substance or treatment that cures a disease or condition.

Therefore, waiting for the treatment to produce a cure is a common practice.

preserve (meat, fish, tobacco, or an animal skin) by various methods such as salting, drying, or smoking.

Out of one oven came a complete mini-pumpkin, the hollow inside filled with rice, chestnuts and cured meat.

relieve (a person or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition.

David found himself the subject of a phenomenon as he was unexplainably cured of the Crohn's disease with which he suffered for 14 years while on a trip to Medjugorje.

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Example of cure

  • A medical cure for this disease is unlikely to emerge for some time because of the complexity of the disorder.

  • A prelate is that man, whatsoever he be, that hath a flock to be taught of him; whosoever he be that hath cure of souls.

  • All chapters and other benefices without cure of souls were now abolished.

  • Although this knowledge is not useful for predictive testing in unaffected individuals, since a cure for Alzheimer's disease is not yet available, it may help guide treatment.

  • But this is Hollywood, and no one's claiming to cure cancer here.

  • Cancer patients beyond cure are frequently used to set the defining standard for terminal illness.

  • Faith healers cure illness by prayer or touch.

  • He died after a second bone marrow transplant could not cure the disease.

  • he had been at this cure for four years

  • he was beyond cure

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