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Definition of cub


give birth to cubs.

There were no paw prints and no fresh scat, nothing at all to indicate that a cougar had cubbed in these hills that summer.

the young of a fox, bear, lion, or other carnivorous mammal.

When very young, the cubs cry when afraid and hum when contented.

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Example of cub

  • A 500-millimeter lens enabled him to photograph a mother polar bear and her two cubs from a reasonably safe distance.

  • a fox cub

  • At the moment the Zoo has six eight-month-old lion cubs in a large enclosure, all looking very alert and handsome at 9 o'clock at night.

  • Beginning in 1996, a dozen bear cubs orphaned by hunters were released in the reserve.

  • Each Cub Scout was charged an entrance fee of €2.

  • fox cub

  • Hands on bended knees, still implementing the breathing methods that he only half-remembered from his Cub Scout den leader, he plopped down on top of the cooler.

  • He recalls demonstrating his loyalty to the United States by putting on his Cub Scout uniform and saluting the armed soldiers.

  • In a project begun a little over a year ago, he sterilizes pride males that have sired around 20 cubs .

  • It is veteran versus tyro, wily old fox against bristling young cub , a man who has done it all against a boy who threatens to do it all.