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a stiff fabric made of horsehair and cotton or linen thread, typically used for stiffening petticoats or as a lining.

Laughing Katie pulled out a bell shaped cage made of thin bendable wood while Krystal pulled out a slip of several layers of stiff crinoline .

a stiffened or hooped petticoat worn to make a long skirt stand out.

Everything in the shop is handpicked vintage couture, collector pieces (like a variety of crinolines , ball gowns, glittery jeweled handbags, rare footwear), and different genres and styles of kitsch fashion.

crinoline definition and meaning. What does crinoline definination?

Example of crinoline

  • A slightly flushed girl wearing a large white crinoline dress bedecked with small pale pink ribbons and a wide pale pink sash around her waist.

  • Among many other initiatives, within months she had installed windlass lifts for the food, banned the dirt-carrying crinolines worn by the nursing staff, piped hot water and cut up worn chair covers for dishcloths.

  • And just like on that June morning 150 years ago, Charlotte paraded from her home, down cobbled School Street into the church, where the congregation had swapped jeans and sweatshirts for Victorian crinolines and tail coats.

  • And she made me this wonderful red dress that had about 1,000 miles of crinoline ruffles on it.

  • Antonia frankly refused to wear crinoline dresses in the daytime so her mother took advantage of this and choose delicate empire-waisted dresses for her.

  • At that time, a film in which adulterers are the protagonists must have ruffled some crinolines .

  • At the National Theatre, completed in the 1970s, the dressing rooms are so minute that actresses wearing period costumes with crinolines find it easier to dress in the corridor.

  • By 1849 the discreet euphemism ‘dress-improver’ was in use, and by 1853 bustles were being made with rolls of crinoline (a mixture of horsehair and linen).

  • Every surface was covered with satin, velvet, crinoline and net.

  • For the skirt, cut the plaid fabric, the lining, and a layer of crinoline about 11/2 times the width of the top piece.

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