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Definition of creature


an animal, as distinct from a human being.

Ticks rank right up there with bats, snakes and spiders as creatures that elicit fear and disgust at the mere mention of their name.

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Example of creature

  • ‘Human beings are sexual creatures and if you tell them they can't have sex it's going to come out some way or other,’ she says.

  • a creature from outer space

  • All around her there was the activity of woodland creatures , birds and mammals, insects and fish, continuing their role in the environment.

  • An ancient race of horrible organic creatures becomes a threat.

  • And Irma, that vain, wretched creature , would never take such an unnecessary risk to herself as that.

  • As it decays, it ties up dissolved oxygen, eventually causing creatures like shrimp, fish, crabs, and octopuses to suffocate.

  • Birds in coastal areas eat crabs and other aquatic creatures .

  • Both movies have a big-name comedian dressed up as a fictional creature .

  • Forgive us for the words, the choices, and the acts which bring grief to you and to our fellow creatures .

  • He said: ‘I just thought she was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen in my life and I had to find out about her.’

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