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Definition of cream


(of a person) be sexually aroused, especially to the point of producing sexual secretions.

a thick liquid or semisolid cosmetic or medical preparation applied to the skin.

Jim filled his doorway, face half covered in shaving cream , eyebrows creased with concern.

a very pale yellow or off-white color.

It is best to apply this technique over natural colours such as cream , beige, camel and terracotta to achieve a quality authentic finish.

defeat (someone) heavily, especially in a sports contest.

Anyway, I don't want to watch the girls cream the guys so I'll see you guys later.

rub a cosmetic cream into (the skin).

Even French women of modest means are much more likely than American women to get treatments in spas or clinics that scrub, polish, buff, massage and cream their skins.

cream definition and meaning. What does cream definination?

Example of cream

  • a cream linen jacket

  • As such, cream would not rise to the top of a milk bottle and the entire mixture would be uniform.

  • Calendula petals can be used to make a nourishing skin cream or cleanser, and a strong infusion made from marigold petals can be used to lighten hair.

  • He pulled out his razor and coated his face with shaving cream , preparing to shave, which he really needed to do.

  • He was clean shaven, tanned and wore cream coloured jeans, a white t-shirt and beige training shoes.

  • His cream coloured earthenware was christened Queen's ware after Queen Charlotte, who appointed him Queen's Potter in 1762.

  • How can he cream him when he drops out of the race?

  • I choose cream of celery soup, followed by a terribly healthy spinach and avocado salad.

  • I figure he's too gentlemanly to hit a woman, and if he tries it, she'll cream him without even working up a sweat.

  • If there's space left over, I'll toss in my wife's recipe for cream of broccoli soup.