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Definition of crawl


(of a person) move forward on the hands and knees or by dragging the body close to the ground.

Rolling across the ground, she crawled forward on her belly, ignoring the taste of grime and blood in her mouth.

(of a program) systematically visit (a number of web pages) in order to create an index of data.

a strip or band running across the bottom of a computer or television screen, within which news headlines, public service announcements, and advertisements are continuously scrolled.

a swimming stroke involving alternate overarm movements and rapid kicks of the legs.

Soon our swimmers are at 100 kicks and we are reaping the benefits of strong legs in other strokes such as crawl and back.

an act of moving on one's hands and knees or dragging one's body along the ground.

A run became a jog, became a walk, and then a near crawl .

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Example of crawl

  • A mile before the city limit marker, the traffic slowed to a crawl .

  • Accompanied by a flotilla of small boats, he swam a powerful crawl across to Scarba.

  • Add a multi-car accident and traffic quickly slows to a crawl .

  • After the observation mile it was a straight run home, only if the truth be told it was more of a crawl than anything else.

  • As it turned out, life inside the car was not all it was cracked up to be either - especially when traffic on the freeway slowed to a crawl .

  • Blake began the upside-down crawl on the net, his hands and feet hooking themselves into holes in the net like it was instinct.

  • Changes in performance time for 100 metre front crawl were examined over a 4-year period for both groups.

  • Dozens of roadblocks force you to slow to a crawl , you wave your summit badge, they ask you where you're from to judge just how bad your French is and then wave you on.

  • Every week almost a million cars crawl over the Jacques Cartier Bridge alone.

  • Everyone was going at a crawl and occasionally, when an opening arose, I would advance a little further by going either left or right of the car in front of me.

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