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But when consumer uncertainty is coupled with doubts about corporate profitability there is precious little consolation.

two individuals of the same sort considered together.

a couple of girls were playing marbles

two people who are married, engaged, or otherwise closely associated romantically or sexually.

Interestingly everyone agrees that the one thing keeping unhappy couples together is not the last vestige of love, but money.

couple definition and meaning. What does couple definination?

Example of couple

  • a couple of girls were playing marbles

  • a honeymoon couple

  • a married couple

  • And I'd just like to ask a couple of questions about education level.

  • as middle-class youth grew more tolerant of sex, they started to couple more often

  • At least enough to stop them from running around like a couple of headless chickens.

  • Before they knew it, the couple had danced six dances and was beginning to feel weary.

  • But you seem to have asked the question a couple of times, and I am a bit puzzled by that.

  • clean the stains with a couple squirts of dishwashing liquid

  • Congratulations are extended to the newly married couple and their families.

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