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add counterpoint to (a melody).

Britten used the 12-note system to provide a classic opera of dramatic tension counterpointed by exquisite melody.

an argument, idea, or theme used to create a contrast with the main element.

It appears to be a simple performance but one full of richness and stands as the counterpoint to the work done by James Stewart.

emphasize by contrast.

The painting's elegant, slithery movement - it looks like a diamondbacked reptile going by a window - is counterpointed by studiedly offhand execution.

the art or technique of setting, writing, or playing a melody or melodies in conjunction with another, according to fixed rules.

Valen's approach was derived from Bach, from whose music he evolved a polyphonic technique of dissonant counterpoint .

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Example of counterpoint

  • And that belief came from ideas that saw greatness as the counterpoint to everyone else's lack of it.

  • As if to counterpoint the tension, a rollicking square-dance-inspired tune by Smith's sister, Soozie Tyrell, fills the room.

  • Bernstein studied harmony and counterpoint with Walter Piston at Harvard.

  • But to make a historical point and also embody it requires more than merely counterpointing the possible and the actual.

  • But today they highlight Charles' sheer musical eclecticism, and vitally counterpoint his earlier earthier style.

  • For a humorous counterpoint to Deacon's scholarly observations on the University of Michigan cases, check out Ann Coulter's latest column.

  • His role is essential, as he's the counterpoint to the bookish and serious Ernesto, and it would be easy to overplay the oversexed Alberto.

  • I have used my interviews with parents as a counterpoint to a professional judgment

  • I want you to talk a lot about this because it's the counterpoint to what lots of others have said.

  • If she conceives of it as a fugue, she uses techniques of counterpoint and fugal structure to make the piece.

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