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Synonyms of counterfeit


Definition of counterfeit


a fraudulent imitation of something else; a forgery.

These coins could be shrink wrapped with an embedded microdot to assure authenticity, preventing counterfeits or forgeries.

imitate fraudulently.

Color-shifting ink is not only hard to counterfeit , it looks good too.

made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud.

The supposedly copy-proof format is providing rich pickings for pirates, and counterfeit versions of the latest films are hitting market stalls at the same time as they reach the cinema.

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Example of counterfeit

  • ‘Most companies are fully willing to help identify counterfeiters, counterfeit goods and to provide testimony in court,’ Harris said.

  • A daring nighttime police raid of the night market on Thepprasit Road netted 350 counterfeit CDs and resulted in the arrest of two vendors.

  • And coins are harder to counterfeit than gold bars.

  • Anti-theft tags will be fitted to laptops, compact discs and clothing consignments as part of a partnership initiative with major UK businesses to stamp out the illicit trade in stolen and counterfeit goods.

  • Color-shifting ink is not only hard to counterfeit , it looks good too.

  • Conceivably this is so, but in the present moral climate it is more likely to foster that counterfeit compassion which thinks no wrong is very wrong.

  • For example, the private monies would be far more stable in their purchasing power, would be harder to counterfeit , and would be available in more convenient denominations.

  • He gave a counterfeit cough.

  • His scheme was revealed as he allegedly attempted to transfer $80 million in funds from legitimate accounts into accounts he controlled using fraudulent wire transfers and counterfeit cheques.

  • HM Customs at Heathrow also seized 1,000 counterfeit copies of Windows 95 OEM, destined for MST.