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a long flat-topped fixture in a store or bank across which business is conducted with customers.

Every time, a customer pushes open the glass door of a supermarket, or steps up to the wooden counter of a grocery shop, there is a chance for the seller to make big bucks.

a small disk used as a place marker or for keeping the score in board games.

Although chess, draughts, dice and gambling were forbidden, counters and dice were also found during the dig.

a thing that opposes or prevents something else.

In modern drama there is no such thing as the rational counter to wildfire popular beliefs.

an apparatus used for counting.

For example, Geiger - Mueller counters , the familiar clicking boxes seen in the movies, were first sold in the 1930s.

denoting opposition, retaliation, or rivalry.


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Example of counter

  • A losing side sometimes falls into a trap where they tend to counter the opposition instead of dictating the game.

  • A strip of plastizote must be glued inside the counter of the shoe above the baby's heel to prevent the shoes from slipping off.

  • Boots are constructed with a stiff piece of leather at the back of the heel, called the counter , and two or three layers of leather in the body of the boot.

  • Chaz grabbed a stool and put his food on the counter .

  • He made the remarks in a bid to counter the opposition's doubts that the use of the money has not been transparent, the report said.

  • He steadied his swaying body and tried to counter with a lunge at Caleb.

  • He was open to a counter and Chi connected with a great right to the body and a big left uppercut that sent Brodie down to the canvas and looking in pain.

  • Her mother slammed the plates down on the countertop, wondrously not breaking them but making a mess as Megan's uneaten food spilled on the counter .

  • It is indeed difficult to counter such cornering arguments.

  • It is later revealed that a short, chopping right hand counter by Clay catches Liston squarely.

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