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Definition of correspondences


a close similarity, connection, or equivalence.

Write down the correspondences for all these individual items so you can see interconnectedness between everything.

communication by exchanging letters with someone.

This was due to a staff shortage which consequently resulted in delayed correspondence with members of the public.

correspondences definition and meaning. What does correspondences definination?

Example of correspondences

  • And it is fun noticing all the odd little correspondences between stories.

  • And there is a diversity of opinion among them, and I've been in correspondence with a couple of them.

  • But don't look for one on one comparisons: Loki is not the same as Mercury but they do share similar correspondences .

  • Campbell has also proposed that the conceptual correspondences between multiplication and division facts are utilized by adults.

  • Furthermore, their neurological commonalities make the previous psychological correspondences more meaningful.

  • However, there is very little information on the correspondency conserved at the archives of the same foundation.

  • I know I couldn't have possibly touched on all references or correspondences and it would be great to know what others think of what I have here, what they might add or dispute.

  • In addition, there has been no correspondence with the various councils concerning uplifting the game's standard.

  • In so doing, he relied on the theory of correspondences to explain how gains in the material sphere might parallel those in the celestial.

  • Make copies of all correspondence you send and keep those records for at least seven years.

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