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Synonyms of contradict


Definition of contradict


deny the truth of (a statement), especially by asserting the opposite.

But that preposterous assertion is contradicted by much evidence.

contradict definition and meaning. What does contradict definination?

Example of contradict

  • As a child I would never have dared to contradict my parents.

  • But I can't see how imagination would in any way contradict logic.

  • don't contradict

  • don't contradict me!

  • Even where the facts are there to contradict him, his personal belief is privileged over external evidence.

  • Expectations that contradict actual experience cause stress for survivors and potential conflicts with family, work, and the medical team.

  • Having other writers to talk to and engage with helps; and if this appears to contradict the statement before, that can't be helped.

  • Having said this, lots of people have other experiences which might contradict me here.

  • he did not contradict her but just said nothing

  • he did not contradict what he said last week

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