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Synonyms of contend


Definition of contend


assert something as a position in an argument.

As for his constituency neglect rebuke, Francis contends that his claims still stand.

struggle to surmount (a difficulty or danger).

To develop human resources with a view to contending with global competition, he adds, ‘the concept of operation must be developed - from workshop to factory’.

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Example of contend

  • Beijing is contending for the leadership of the twenty-first century.

  • But he contends that ability to craft openings flows more easily from relaxed players.

  • By resorting to understatement, concrete and physical language, a poet contends against abstraction, generalization, hyperbole and the heroic language of hot-headed generals and bogus lovers alike.

  • Ealing however contend that this simply reflects the position under the old statutory instrument.

  • He contends that in the past, his department has not had to worry about hazards caused by dry weather.

  • He contends that larger crowds don't participate in an event in the same way that a smaller crowd might.

  • He contends that the arguments for having a university in the town centre are false because there isn't room.

  • He contends that the judge was wrong to have dismissed his claims in negligence, agency and trust.

  • He contends that the officer is completely ignorant about the basic elements of the act.

  • He and the rest of the team look unlikely to have the strength in depth to challenge the major contenders .