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Synonyms of contain


Definition of contain


control or restrain (oneself or a feeling).

She could not contain herself or her affection.

have or hold (someone or something) within.

Bubbles containing microcosms within the larger painting often complete the verses.

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Example of contain

  • As she approached, Adrian could barely contain himself from running down the aisle and kissing Julie right there.

  • As the game progresses, a given cup can contain any number of beans, but the total number remains 48.

  • Derek rode alongside the carriage, barely able to contain himself.

  • Do I think I could contain myself and restrain myself with the proper amount of professional decorum?

  • Firemen then were able to contain that blaze, preventing it from spreading to neighbouring businesses.

  • he must contain his hatred

  • I was extremely excited, to the point that I could barely contain myself.

  • I'm so proud in so many ways right now I can barely contain myself.

  • It is important to carry out inspections on eateries and fruit juice outlets and intensify measures to contain the spread of such diseases.

  • It wasn't that it grossed him out terribly, but he had heard so many mistletoe comments over the past week that he could barely contain himself.