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Synonyms of consignment


Definition of consignment


a batch of goods destined for or delivered to someone.

I am further advised that a temporary hold on consignments of beef products from Canada will remain in place until further information is available from Canada.

consignment definition and meaning. What does consignment definination?

Example of consignment

  • a consignment of beef

  • a consignment of drugs

  • Also, consider using a local leather maker who is willing to place belts and holsters in your shop on consignment , plus, take custom orders.

  • Another issue is, you can't provide a return policy or trade-in policy on artwork if the primary inventory in your gallery is on consignment .

  • As a teen, I'd make baby clothes and sell them on consignment .

  • Customers then receive email replies that provide a full status report on each consignment , from collection and delivery times to the name of the person who signed for the shipment.

  • However, when you sell on consignment , you aren't paid until your work is sold to a customer.

  • In the evening, lulled by the callousness of another day of sameness, we cast the issue upon a stack in a proscribed corner of our homes, for consignment to the kabariwalla at the end of the month.

  • It is not however, the work I take to galleries or sell on consignment .

  • It sells all clothing on consignment , and carries a small selection of second-hand clothing as well.