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Definition of consideration


a payment or reward.

In cases where the payment is additional consideration for the original supply, GST will apply using the normal rules.

careful thought, typically over a period of time.

At some time in the intervening period, careful consideration would have been given to the style and subject-matter of the figurehead, which would also play a crucial part in the overall design of the ship.

importance; consequence.

No troubles in Upper Egypt are mentioned during the reign of Auletes, and if things were quiet there, we mace that it was due to the government there being in the hands of some one whom, by our broken records, we may conjecture to have been a man of great consideration and influence, Callimachus the epistrategos.

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Example of consideration

  • ‘It is a matter that requires very careful consideration ,’ he said.

  • A key aspect of the strategy that the agency says it will implement, is the use of an offset policy, a proposal which deserves careful consideration .

  • A Lessee pays a total consideration , being the Lease Price, for the grant of a lease.

  • a long process involving a great deal of careful consideration

  • A man of great consideration may have fifty or sixty skulls suspended in his premises.

  • A source close to the Duchess confirmed that a plan to move out of the estate was ‘under careful consideration and she would be moving out of her present home in the next couple of months’.

  • A spokesman for the Department of Transport said: ‘We will give close and careful consideration to the findings of the report.’

  • About 75 per cent of the consideration would be paid in stocks to the owners, said the Founder of the company.

  • After careful consideration , I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me an assistant professor position in your department.

  • After careful consideration and advice, we very much regret we are left with no alternative but to have started legal proceedings in order that we can do our lawful work.