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Definition of conjecture


an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.

She dispelled my early conjectures about my own children's unearthly wisdom and helped me realize that virtually everything they did and said came from practicing what they saw and heard.

form an opinion or supposition about (something) on the basis of incomplete information.

Further, it was conjectured that the adolescents mistook superficial emotions, such as excitement and security, for genuine feelings of well-being.

conjecture definition and meaning. What does conjecture definination?

Example of conjecture

  • a matter for conjecture

  • And has the conjecture been supported by rigorous mathematics or a mere dismissal?

  • As an adhesive, we conjecture that energy in the fibrils is lost upon decohesion and unloading.

  • Based on experimental evidence he was able to conjecture certain laws which were not verified until many years later.

  • Because of its posture, if it had been a human being, one might conjecture it was melancholy with a slight reluctance as to what it was doing, akin to a child in pursuit of a lost toy.

  • Everyone knows it holds true for every number you can think of but provide rigorous mathematical proof and you win yourself a million bucks - courtesy of the book's publisher, and in the process turn a conjecture into a theorem.

  • From this, we conjecture global stability in certain cases.

  • Given this procedural assumption, that integration often creates a need for further integration, it is possible to conjecture the future development.

  • He is aware of the present trend away from textual conjecture .

  • He was as sparing with critical opinions as he was with textual conjecture - only about ten percent of his notes might be called judicial.