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admit or state that one has committed a crime or is at fault in some way.

At thirteen, Oakland police officers kept him in an interrogation room for hours until he confessed to a robbery he contends, five years later, that he didn't commit.

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Example of confess

  • As the people came forward in their thousands to confess their faith, however, I was aware only of calm meditation on the part of his crew and detected no expressions of triumph.

  • Despite this academic success, I confess to some skepticism regarding the adoption of their proposals at a state, much less federal, level.

  • He also showed His crucifixion scars on his hands and side to Thomas, this made him fall down and confess him as his own Lord and God.

  • He could take any criminal and actually make them confess to their crime.

  • he wants to confess to Caroline's murder

  • I could not confess all my sins to the priest

  • I know that if I admit or confess to the offence that I may be arrested and charged.

  • I suppose this is possible, but I confess to puzzlement.

  • I thought that they had a point, though I confess to being just about their readiest apologist, apart from the 30,000 who make their way to the Valley every other weekend.

  • I'd go to him and make him confess to being something no self-respecting photographer should ever call himself: an artist.

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