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Definition of concordant


in agreement; consistent.

These diminished ratings of impairment associated with repeated zolpidem administration are concordant with previous studies regarding the impairment-producing effects of other hypnotics.

concordant definition and meaning. What does concordant definination?

Example of concordant

  • A concordant diagnosis is defined as placement of the slide within the correct series of diagnostic classification.

  • As an English major you hit a concordant note with me.

  • Discussion of concordant diagnoses and discrepancies would build a collaborative relationship between clinicians and pathologists and might lead to better autopsy utilization.

  • East Uralian Zone host rocks surrounding the Dzhabyk batholith have an overall east-dipping foliation that, near the batholith, are concordant with the contact.

  • Emphasizing inherited components by studying concordant or discordant patient pairs with extreme phenotypes, we were able to detect associations of residual chloride conductance and of modifier genes with the CF phenotype.

  • Ends and means are concordant and, indeed, explicitly so, with every step toward the outcome a faithful miniature of the larger program.

  • Four members of the Cytopathology Resource Committee simultaneously reviewed most concordant and least concordant cases for each diagnostic category.

  • Harmony can be concordant , with all pitches 'agreeing' with each other, or it can be dissonant, creating a sense of tension.

  • He showed that 31-degree equal temperament, with degrees of 38.7¢, gave an excellent rendition of the concordant intervals.

  • He stated that a well-defined parting surface, such as a bedding plane or unconformity, is a prerequisite for the site of intrusion of a concordant sill.

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