concentratio Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of concentratio

concentratio meaning in Bengali

"concentratio meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for concentratio? What does concentratio mean? concentratio definition and meaning.

Synonyms of concentratio


Definition of concentratio


a close gathering of people or things.

Between five and seven o'clock, the intense concentration of audiences in various rooms and theaters around the building was broken by the band sound checking in the Main Hall.

the action or power of focusing one's attention or mental effort.

Mental practice and imagery are helpful, in part, because they develop the skills of concentration and focus.

the relative amount of a given substance contained within a solution or in a particular volume of space; the amount of solute per unit volume of solution.

This map shows the concentration of water vapour close to the soil around the equatorial region of Mars.

concentratio definition and meaning. What does concentratio definination?

Example of concentratio

  • ‘There is a concentration on building mass transportation systems,’ he says.

  • concentration on the needs of the young can mean that the elderly are forgotten

  • A side thought: has any teenage girl been subjected to such a concentration of peril as Jack's daughter Kim in a time frame spanning a mere 27 hours?

  • Aircoach should concentrate on locations with significant catchments - where people have reasons to gather - such as hotels and areas of business concentration .

  • Another is that Iraq is going to be vulnerable to its neighbors for a long time, and a big concentration of American troops is good insurance against that.

  • Around sunrise, the concentration of geese we'd hoped would keep our barrels warm lifted off its roost and, in steady waves, flew away.

  • At this exposure concentration of fine zinc oxide, we did not observe an effect, and we did not observe any increased response to ultrafine zinc oxide versus fine zinc oxide.

  • But when animals are close together in a feedlot, there is enough concentration of ammonia emissions that some of it can travel farther afield.

  • frowning in concentration

  • If he can keep his total focus and concentration , it could be another breakthrough event for the Aussie.