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a plant of the daisy family ( Compositae ).

The vibrant herbaceous life had retreated underground, but the skeletons of rattlesnake master, asters, goldenrods and other composites remained among the grasses.

a thing made up of several parts or elements.

I was under the impression that that was a fictional composite of St. Grottlesex schools, but I haven't seen the movie in years.

combine (two or more images) to make a single picture, especially electronically.

When the lowest details settings are used, terrain textures are composited on the CPU rather than on the GPU, saving the graphics hardware for the rest of the scene, increasing performance.

made up of various parts or elements.

The composite elements are arranged in a bicyclic fashion which is a derivative of a purine ring system.

relating to or denoting a classical order of architecture consisting of elements of the Ionic and Corinthian orders.

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Example of composite

  • A composite definition would include three elements.

  • And then, to release a composite of his face, that's not totally accurate.

  • Basically, he's a composite of much of what I grew up with.

  • By winter of 2000, my company was participating in the reconstruction of the courthouse by installing glass composite materials to strengthen the concrete shear walls.

  • Either you can't put together the myriad thoughts and decisions of millions of voters into one composite meaning, or in a rough and ready way you can; but in the latter case there has to be some logical consistency to it.

  • Eratosthenes's sieve drains out composite numbers and leaves prime numbers behind.

  • Even more than the private corporation, it is a composite of huge numbers of individuals who bring to this sprawling nation their own distinctive pasts.

  • Her team of researchers created a computer programme which reads through some 13 online news sites and sifts through them to make composite stories on different subjects.

  • However I submit that it is, fundamentally, a composite of moral, intellectual, and administrative capabilities, combined with seriousness of purpose.

  • In a composite material, fibers have the role of the load-bearing constituent.

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