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Definition of competitor


an organization or country that is engaged in commercial or economic competition with others.

It has the backing of both Synopsys and its main competitor , Cadence Design Systems.

competitor definition and meaning. What does competitor definination?

Example of competitor

  • A company could be right in the middle of its launch campaign when a competitor releases a rival product.

  • Although the American is a terrific competitor , she does not get the most from her ability.

  • Companies arranged for competitors not to bid, or to enter phoney higher bids.

  • Either subject the BBC to the same standards as its competitors , or privatise it.

  • Enerco in turn entered into a back to back agreement with Anglo, the main competitor of BFL.

  • Every competitor in both competitions received a medal and certificate for their afternoon's efforts.

  • He said there was plenty of interest from competitors keen to participate in the games.

  • How, only to harm the business of a competitor , one will run to the Interior Minister.

  • However, one in five believed that they were less agile than their main competitor .

  • If a contest ends in a tie on points, then the competitor with the most points before penalties were deducted is the winner.

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