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Definition of commune


a group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities.

She wanted to go back to the commune in the morning and spend time with the artists.

receive Holy Communion.

All baptized Christians who believe with us that Jesus Christ is present in the Sacrament, are welcome to commune .

share one's intimate thoughts or feelings with (someone or something), especially when the exchange is on a spiritual level.

The Spirit gives and stirs faith, and by faith we are lifted up to heaven, where Christ is, and we commune with Him.

the group that seized the municipal government of Paris in the French Revolution and played a leading part in the Reign of Terror until suppressed in 1794.

the smallest French territorial division for administrative purposes.

It was not until 1966 that the Cotes Du Rhone Villages appellation was finally established producing wines from 16 individual communes .

commune definition and meaning. What does commune definination?

Example of commune

  • A mother and her children in a farming commune in Canton.

  • All baptized Christians who believe with us that Jesus Christ is present in the Sacrament, are welcome to commune .

  • Anyone who wants to can, in a free society, even join a voluntary commune , like Brook Farm, or an Israeli kibbutz, and lead as blissfully communistic a life as he or she wishes.

  • But they were not salaried by the state and minimally, if at all, by the commune or parish.

  • Each commune in France generally holds a town festival during the year.

  • He and some friends formed a type of hippy commune , living off the land organically and working with nature.

  • He made his first journey to Paris in 1830 to work for his uncle, then moved to the same lodgings used by his father in his youth, and shared a room with a dozen migrants from his native commune .

  • How was your commune formed, and what kinds of people joined it?

  • I could only concentrate on emotions he had aroused in me, the way he had stirred an immense desire to admire and worship and commune , and then he had slipped away again before this desire could begin to be grasped; let alone satisfied.

  • I once worked with a fellow who lived in a Christian commune .