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Definition of common


(in Latin and certain other languages) of or denoting a gender of nouns that are conventionally regarded as masculine or feminine, contrasting with neuter.

(in the Christian Church) a form of service used for each of a group of occasions.

(of a crime) of relatively minor importance.

A GMP spokesman said the crime falls under the common assault category, a conviction for which could lead up to five years in jail.

(of a syllable) able to be either short or long.

a piece of open land for public use, especially in a village or town.

Whenever the local lairds tried to graze their beasts on the Selkirk commons hundreds of folk would turn out to drive them off.

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Example of common

  • As black-headed and common gulls tend to feed on farmland, it seems likely that farmland is the origin of the outbreak.

  • But the problem is the lack of common agreement on just what the governments do regard as terrorism.

  • Chances are that you found the sentence confusing, even though all the words are common and familiar.

  • Crab spiders are common and occur in fairly high numbers on most crops and garden plants.

  • Finding a common enemy is the simplest way to unite a people.

  • Gordon Brown will get a lot more respect by forgetting the flags and getting on with a more familiar agenda of common decency.

  • I regret that in our own country there has been a lamentable lack of interest in our common European inheritance.

  • I wanted to run with the pack of cousins and friends in the common yard that connected all our properties.

  • In civil cases, experts are now invited to work out common positions and identify areas of disagreement before they go into court.

  • In some countries, especially developing countries, certain diseases are common among the people.