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Definition of command


an authoritative order.

Who wants to put their fates into hands of others and obey their commands ?

be in a strong enough position to have or secure (something).

It merely says he is to appoint the leader of the party which commands a majority in the House of Representatives as prime minister.

give an authoritative order.

‘Rise,’ the empress commanded imperiously, her voice, a high-pitched shriek.

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Example of command

  • "I am now assuming command of this force, " I told them.

  • After a purchase is completed, the command erases the order information from the machine's memory

  • All of the rooms command views over the city skyline.

  • Although friends pointed out that he was not actually in command of the armed forces at the time.

  • Because of the plethora of candidates, many of which are trying to cater to the same voting demographics, it is highly unlikely that the winner will command a majority.

  • But it afforded him the only position where he could command a view of the entire area from a post that was nearly hidden.

  • But standing, you should have been able to command enough attention to quiet everyone down.

  • From the very day George Washington took command , the uniform of the United States has always stood for courage and decency and shining hope in a world of darkness.

  • He makes a number of solid points in this column, and I imagine these abuses would have been caught much earlier had he been in command in late 2003.

  • Her vibrant stage presence, excellent command over rhythm and felicity of expression held the audience spellbound.

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