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Definition of combine


a group of people or companies acting together for a commercial purpose.

Just ask the people behind the EU and NAFTA, combines created to lure investment and enhance economies of scale.

an agricultural machine that cuts, threshes, and cleans a grain crop in one operation.

We could spend a lot of time talking about precision adjustments for plows, tillage implements, grain drills, and combines .

harvest (a crop) by means of a combine.

It is also possible to drive perpendicular to wheat and soybean rows while combining wheat with minimal damage to soybeans provided the wheels are narrow and soybean rows are wide.

unite; merge.

You can get creative by combining elements of different pictures to construct a montage.

combine definition and meaning. What does combine definination?

Example of combine

  • combine shopping and sightseeing

  • combine the flour with the margarine and salt

  • A combine harvesting wheat moves forward into a stand of the golden ripeness.

  • a powerful industrial combine

  • A Web service solution will often combine these technologies to achieve the desired level of security.

  • All of these elements combine to provide an amazing selection of gaming possibilities.

  • Although there was no formal confirmation, sources in the ruling combine confirmed that there was an informal request to this effect.

  • An ideal half-day outing would combine a Saturday tour followed by a refreshing dip in the Guadalupe River.

  • an ideal place to combine shopping and sightseeing

  • Churches now combine what were once separate betrothal and wedding ceremonies into one.

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