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Definition of collection


a group of things or people.

United Future is not so much a party as a collection of individuals.

the action or process of collecting someone or something.

Best practice recommends that all refuse left out for collection should be protected by a hard container, with a fitted lid firmly closed.

collection definition and meaning. What does collection definination?

Example of collection

  • ‘The car's ready for collection , sir,’ he said slightly wearily as if that is where we left it yesterday.

  • collection of essays

  • collection of taxes

  • A collection at the local church recently for Sligo Mental Health raised E319.58 from the church-goers.

  • a collection of books

  • a collection of essays

  • a collection of musicians

  • a collection of stamps

  • A date and location for collection will be announced later.

  • a record collection

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