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coffin meaning in Bengali

শবাধার কফিন
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Definition of coffin


a long, narrow box, typically of wood, in which a corpse is buried or cremated.

The first of the funerals is expected to take place today and the city's main cathedral will be given over to the coffins of the dead over the weekend.

put (a dead body) in a coffin.

While the embalmed heart was returned to the chest of the deceased, the other organs were separately packaged, coffined , and stored.

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Example of coffin

  • a clapped-out one-gun flying coffin

  • A procession of tiny white coffins bearing the bodies of three young brothers who died when a fire engulfed their home brought tears to those present.

  • All 34 bodies were placed in coffins and loaded onto military trucks for burial 100 meters from the airport runway.

  • Around him, wailing women collapsed over the coffins of the dead.

  • Dead persons are buried in coffins on the grounds of a church or are cremated and have their ashes buried in the graveyard.

  • Heavy slabs had been laid atop the ground over their coffins to discourage body snatchers.

  • In the distance, a funeral party lowered a coffin into the ground.

  • It was as if the body in the wooden coffin that was being lowered into the ground was not Scott's but someone else.

  • More traditional-minded people in China sometimes like to rest their dead in coffins, but the bodies are subsequently cremated without the coffins .

  • Protestors call the country's airplanes flying coffins .