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Definition of coalition


an alliance for combined action, especially a temporary alliance of political parties forming a government or of states.

a coalition of conservatives and disaffected Democrats

coalition definition and meaning. What does coalition definination?

Example of coalition

  • a coalition between Liberals and Conservatives

  • a coalition government

  • a coalition of conservatives and disaffected Democrats

  • A centre-right coalition was formed after elections in 1996 but collapsed in 1999.

  • A severe electoral struggle ensued, with the result that 45 liberals and 7 socialists were returned against 48 coalitionists .

  • As a realist, I am skeptical about whether he can build the necessary political coalitions .

  • Both the ruling party and the main opposition coalitions have already claimed victory.

  • But a coalition of animal welfare groups has successfully rescued more than 30 so far.

  • During January and February 1784 the coalition's majority in the House of Commons shrank rapidly, and in the ensuing general election ninety-six coalitionists lost their seats.

  • Even before the coalition was built, the party leaders had agreed on an electoral truce.

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