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something that is unsatisfactory, of poor quality, or a failure.

Luckily, the duo doesn't settle on such clinkers .

the stony residue from burned coal or from a furnace.

Thirdly, reduce the clinker content in cement, by intergrinding cementious material like slag, fly ash, or limestone.

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Example of clinker

  • a string breaks, you hit a clinker, you forget where you are in a piece

  • After so many hits, the law of averages demanded a clinker from the Kennedy Center's Sondheim Celebration, and got it with A Little Night Music.

  • An electric three-roll crusher reduces 95% of the clinker to less than 35 mm in size.

  • Another is a rounded piece of clinker , a porous material that results from the burning of coal seams.

  • Anyway Marron made it two with another clinker .

  • At its peak the mix reaches 1, 450C before exiting as a hard, gritty material called clinker .

  • Cement and clinker imports declined 6.5 percent in 2002, according to a recent PCA report.

  • Cement and clinker imports play an important role in supplementing domestic capacity constraints.

  • Every talented author is entitled to the occasional clinker .

  • Holcim also has placed an order with IKN to upgrade the two clinker coolers at the Dundee, Mich. plant.