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Synonyms of click


Definition of click


a short, sharp sound as of a switch being operated or of two hard objects coming quickly into contact.

A quiet growl responded to Ms. Thourne's quiet words, intermingled with a few short clicks and similar sounds.

become suddenly clear or understandable.

It took me a half an hour on the net before it clicked that I was supposed to update today!

make or cause to make a short, sharp sound.

There is a National competition for best photograph of a family, pet or farm animal, so now is the time get those cameras out and get clicking .

click definition and meaning. What does click definination?

Example of click

  • click on the illustration for a larger version

  • click the left mouse button twice

  • click through to the website to buy the CD

  • A door opens softly and I hear the click sound of the door closing.

  • A muffled click sounded behind the door, and I heard the man chuckle softly.

  • A sharp click sounded in her ears, but she was too busy to notice.

  • A user called up and wanted to know why he couldn't use his mouse to click on Revive Mouse.

  • After a minute of strained concentration, a small click sounded and the door swung open, revealing a very long set of marble stairs.

  • And with that he left, the soft click of the door sounding to her ears like the lock of a prison gate slamming home.

  • Another mouse click and you can expand your Website by adding pages.