Definition of clatter


a continuous rattling sound as of hard objects falling or striking each other.

The clatter of cutlery and banter filled the hall.

make or cause to make a continuous rattling sound.

She could hear her mother clattering about in the kitchen.

clatter definition and meaning. What does clatter definination?

Example of clatter

  • Apart from some diesel clatter at low speeds, the engine fades away into the background.

  • Emily woke up and flinched when she heard the loud clatter from the kitchen.

  • He let the gun clatter to the floor, stepping back while shaking his head.

  • He let the sword clatter to the ground.

  • He reached the table and took a seat, hearing dishes clatter a bit.

  • He shivers slightly, his teeth giving a faint clatter , and he winds his arms together over his chest.

  • He slowly lowered it, released the clip and let the gun clatter to the floor.

  • He threw his knife to the floor with a sharp clatter of metal on stone.

  • He wanted to live with the clatter of dishes when entertaining.

  • I heard it hit the ground with a metallic clatter .

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