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Synonyms of circuitous


Definition of circuitous


(of a route or journey) longer than the most direct way.

My wanderlust had taken me on a circuitous route but it had led me home.

circuitous definition and meaning. What does circuitous definination?

Example of circuitous

  • A walk through Bootham Park offers a circuitous route into York, keeping well away from the noise and fumes of Gillygate.

  • Adding an extra flight or flying a more circuitous route can boost mileage accumulations rapidly.

  • Afraid of being followed, I take a circuitous route home.

  • And then he came home and wrote about his circuitous journey.

  • By spring 1916, the Germans recognized that their mission was hopeless, and made their way circuitously homewards.

  • Depending upon the exact location of his lodgings and the circuitousness of his route, Mr. Lorry's walk may have been slightly longer or slightly shorter.

  • Dylan made his entrance on January 24, his route going circuitously by way of Denver and Chicago.

  • Having started out as a ‘proper’ actress, mine was a circuitous route to comedy.

  • He made his way into property development circuitously , via Harvard University and Columbia Law School.

  • He took the most circuitous route through the building, hiding in the shadows and avoiding security cameras.

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