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a small slow-moving Old World lizard with a prehensile tail, long extensible tongue, protruding eyes that rotate independently, and a highly developed ability to change color.

These and a whole list of other questions far longer than a chameleon 's telescopic tongue, still need to be answered.

chameleons definition and meaning. What does chameleons definination?

Example of chameleons

  • A chameleon was shifting to match the kaleidoscope of colour given off by the lights of a gramophone record store.

  • According to Anderson, the ability of chameleons to change color stems from special cells called chromatophores found in the upper layers of their skin.

  • Contrary to popular belief, the American chameleon does not assume the color of its surroundings.

  • Everyone in Canada will now have the uncanny ability of the chameleon .

  • I watch the sky change its colour like a chameleon .

  • If the ventral curvature of tail is real, then that, in concert with its extremely narrow scaupulae, suggests that a more appropriate functional analog would be found in arboreal chameleons .

  • In addition to iguanas, the Iguania include agamids, chameleons and a few lesser known groups.

  • In the evening the Mekong always seemed to come alive, changing its colour like a chameleon , camouflaging itself against the darkening sky until it swallowed the sun.

  • In the pure-cone American chameleon retina, all visual opsins including rod opsin are expressed.

  • It happened because I was married to an American chameleon (I must mention here that American chameleons are not true chameleons - they look much the same but lack some of our more amazing abilities).