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Definition of chain


a connected flexible series of metal links used for fastening or securing objects and pulling or supporting loads.

a jointed measuring line consisting of linked metal rods.

The offices of the two ministers of the law were at about equal distance, and resort was had to a surveyor's chain , to ascertain which was nearest.

a sequence of items of the same type forming a line.

Standing upon the Tor, one's eye is drawn to the chain of hills running across the south, forming one lip of the bowl surrounding the Levels.

a structure of planks projecting horizontally from a sailing ship's sides abreast of the masts, used to widen the basis for the shrouds.

To stand "in the chains " means to stand upon the chain-wale between two shrouds, from where the leadsman heaves the hand-lead to measure water depth.

fasten or secure with a chain.

Graham chained his bike to the bike rack and they met up at the train.

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Example of chain

  • A chain of mountains, the Apennines, juts down the center of the peninsula.

  • a mountain chain

  • a tall man with a heavy gold chain round his neck

  • Always chain your bike to something other than itself.

  • Both she and her mother wear jewelry, earrings; the girl also wears a chain with some gold trinkets, the mother, beads.

  • Four feet of open air separated them, and four feet of heavy chain bound them together.

  • Four men in a stolen red Vauxhall Cavalier attacked the stand-alone cash machine by placing a metal chain around it and pulling it out onto the pavement.

  • From Tardets you can see the Pyrenean mountains rising up into a chain that extends all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Further down the value chain , copper, lead and aluminium were all on the climb.

  • He had a collar around his neck with a chain dangling from it.