chafes Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of chafes

Definition of chafes


(of something restrictive or too tight) make (a part of the body) sore by rubbing against it.

The irritation diminished, but the cuff still chafed when he stood.

become or make annoyed or impatient because of a restriction or inconvenience.

Haydon, too, was chafing under classical strictures.

rub (a part of the body) to restore warmth or sensation.

Reaching the sitting area, he grinned at Jake and flopped into another chair, chafing his hands to get a modicum of feeling back into them.

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Example of chafes

  • ‘I think my neck is starting to chafe ,’ she grumbled.

  • Behind the scenes, as the New York Times article of April 27 made clear, the US military is chafing at the restrictions being imposed on their operation.

  • Bonham Carter shows us an Olivia who is feisty and strong, chafing at her restrictions and only too happy to entertain the amusing Cesario.

  • British officials are chafing that they are unable to influence the US rebuilding program, which has bureaucratic priorities.

  • Bruises and scratches covered her, especially where the straps had chafed and cut into her: wrists, ankles, angry sores across her muzzle.

  • But she usually wore something under the anklet, because the metal bruised and chafed her skin, particularly after she had been fencing.

  • Check for upper radiator hose wear as it sits near an engine-mounting bolt and can chafe .

  • Edur shifted uncomfortably, wrists chafing against the rope.

  • Haydon, too, was chafing under classical strictures.

  • He chafed less under the authority of mothers, though in at least two works he shows a secret anger there, too.