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Definition of certified mail


a delivery service in which the sender receives a certificate indicating a letter or package has been sent and the recipient gives their signature when it has been delivered.

a postal service in which the sending and receipt of a letter or package are recorded.

When filing my federal income tax return, will I have any problems if I mail it without using registered or certified mail ?

certified mail definition and meaning. What does certified mail definination?

Example of certified mail

  • After seven weeks, another survey was sent by certified mail .

  • Follow up phone calls in writing, using certified mail .

  • Further, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission recommends sending notice by certified mail , especially if there's no immediate response or an unsatisfactory one.

  • Here is that letter, re-sent - by certified mail - just this week.

  • I immediately wrote to Larry King, with copies to Randi and Sylvia, and Randi sent the following letter to both by certified mail .

  • I still have it, though, along with the letter from the hospital sent by certified mail informing me that I needed a CAT scan on my sinuses.

  • If you anticipate resistance, make your request by certified mail ; you can sue and win a $100-a-day fine if the plan doesn't deliver the form within 30 days.

  • If your lease has the proper wording, at least 30 days prior to the sale you must send notice to the tenant at his last known address, by both first class mail and certified mail , return receipt requested.

  • Mitnick's password was quickly revoked, and a few days later he received a letter in certified mail from the ISSA's headquarters informing him that news of his acceptance was greatly exaggerated.

  • P.S. - Please initialize this and return it via certified mail .

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