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Definition of caucus


a group of people with shared concerns within a political party or larger organization.

Like the ACT party, the Green caucus is treating this bill as a conscience issue.

a meeting of the members of a legislative body who are members of a particular political party, to select candidates or decide policy.

Under the US-backed plan, regional caucuses would select an interim assembly by the end of May and this body would pick a transitional government the following month.

hold or form a caucus.

Gomba then asked that the ANC be allowed to caucus .

caucus definition and meaning. What does caucus definination?

Example of caucus

  • Although the party's legislative caucus apologized for the low turnout of DPP members yesterday, they said they shouldn't shoulder all of the responsibility.

  • An opposition party's legislative caucus can coordinate its members in policy promotion.

  • Are we not watching with great interest the little internecine fights that are already developing within their caucus ?

  • Beijing has caused the two sides of the Strait to drift further apart and seriously hurt the feelings of the Taiwanese people, the caucus said in a statement.

  • But the KMT caucus yesterday said it was opposed to the use of radical methods in dealing with the issue.

  • Democrats caucus statewide on Sunday

  • DPP caucus whip William Lai yesterday called on opposition parties to respond positively to the government's goodwill gesture.

  • Gomba then asked that the ANC be allowed to caucus .

  • he could no longer count on the support of a majority of the parliamentary caucus

  • He is the fountainhead of patronage, which mutes any criticism from his parliamentary caucus .

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