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Definition of catch


a device for securing something such as a door, window, or box.

The catch snapped and the window released slightly.

a hidden problem or disadvantage in an apparently ideal situation.

The hidden catch here is that in this case, this rule was violated.

a round, typically one with words arranged to produce a humorous effect.

A Catch or Round of the best type of Elizabethan times consisted of one melody, generally perfectly continuous.

an act of catching something, typically a ball.

Cork's Nicholas Murphy won seven of those kick-outs, including four clean catches .

an unevenness in a person's voice caused by emotion.

Sherringham sounded only slightly winded, though there was a catch to his voice.

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Example of catch

  • A good hour passes before we reach Skull Island and catch a glimpse of the mighty Kong.

  • And during a disease outbreak, a number of vaccinated people will indeed catch the disease.

  • Andy Warhol had got up early in his mother's old house on East 66th Street, Manhattan, to catch the match on the TV networks.

  • Anybody can get lucky and catch a single fish that's worth a prize.

  • At the end of that week, Pip drops Herbert off to catch his ship to Cairo.

  • But it has a catch ; not running correctly can result in painful cramps, sore muscles and maybe broken bones.

  • Consequently, house prices would need to drop very significantly to catch my attention.

  • Cover the ground with canvas drop cloths to catch the paint chips.

  • He also is a skilled receiver who is productive running with the ball after making a catch .

  • he took a brilliant catch at deep square leg